Wonderful blossoms, broad menus and unconventional stylistic layout added a remarkable vibe to Varun and Greeshma's wedding festivities in New York.

From an outlandish atmosphere at the sangeet to a fantastic pink mandap at their open air wedding service, Varun and Greeshma put a great deal of accentuation on interesting stylistic theme subtle elements for every one of their capacities. Here, Jovial events the best wedding planner in Dubai hereby shares the points of interest of their unique day we gifted to Varun and Greeshma.

Wedding Planning

Sumiti shares, "Jovial events event planning was an aggregate collaboration by both their personals and our officials. Their experience in the providing food and setting ventures was vital as they had a considerable measure of adaptability in making vast and interesting menu contributions at each capacity.  They skillfully have chosen vendors for our wedding based on their market identity and nature of work. We feel so lucky that we met and chosen merchants who are amazingly enthusiastic about their callings and hit an individual association with a large number of them. One vendor who communicated such energy was our wedding photographer. She made it simple for us to let free amid our photos and was to a great degree imaginative. Without her bits of knowledge, we wouldn't have the exceptionally caught photos of our festivals."

Wedding Functions

The sangeet did kick started the festival. It was facilitated at Dubai coasts eatery where rich foliage components, twinkling lights, and offbeat stylistic layout hoisted the vibe of this capacity and moved the visitors to a life-changing, mystical world. Common subtle elements, for example, the excellent wooden barrels combined with provincial metal lamps made a sentimental backwoods feel. A blend of light and dim botanical tones mixed together in a truly flawless manner. Since it was a prelude to their forthcoming wedding, the couple needed their visitors to appreciate and absorb the merriments with lavish nourishment, boundless mixed drinks and move exhibitions.


The mandap or wedding altar was enlivened in pink and beige, and new sprouts were utilized to add a fragile touch to the setup. The pathway driving the mandap was fixed with wonderful decorative layouts settled on straightforward stands. The shades of the decorative layouts coordinated those that bordered the front of the outside mandap, in this manner making for a durable look all through. The lady of the hour, Greeshma wore a splendid pink lehenga decorated with wonderful gold crochet. She combined it with a coordinating sleeveless shirt a light dupatta. The bridesmaids additionally wore brilliant pink sarees. Varun looked great in his white sherwani which he matched with a profound maroon stole and turban.


Their wedding changed into a stylish party at Marriot hotel. The move floor and the wonderful precious stone ceiling fixtures made for a stylish stylistic layout setup. The juxtaposition of gold with rural tans and pastel blossoms mixed wonderfully. The metallic gold added a brilliance that improved the warm shades of the decorative designs. The couple even got ready for intriguing nourishment counters which were embellished giving it a significant ethereal setting. Greeshma wore a stunning gold lehenga for the gathering, and Varun selected to wear an exemplary dark tuxedo.

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