There is a TON of visual motivation out there for ladies and grooms there isn't sufficient substance to teach couples on the nutty abrasive of arranging and how the wedding takes a shot at the back end. As Jovial occasions previously began our business, we had numerous potential customers let us know in their underlying request that they cherished our work however just required our day of administrations since they had a venue organizer as of now who might enable them to design everything. Also, it was simply after telephone calls with said potential customers that we could have these 'aha!' minutes once we separated the contrasts between the two jobs. Numerous couples we learned had no clue that these distinctions even existed! As a full service wedding planner and venue coordinator Jovial events are both very important vendors to have on board for your event. Truly! We have a hard working planner-venue coordinator team can make the difference between a good and a great event. Thus we Jovial events the best wedding planner and venue planner can help you find venues in Dubai, wedding venues in Ajman, wedding venues in UAE, wedding venues in Sharjah, wedding venues in Abu dhabi according to your taste with ease.

 But for the most part, as a wedding planner we jovial events run our own company fulfilling every different role than that of an individual who represents a venue where you host your wedding ceremony and or reception.


With a full time planner like affable events we will go ahead board to help plan your wedding from the earliest starting point of the arranging procedure. We not only exclusively center around the venue related things yet rather take a gander at the arranging procedure as a wide riddle that should be assembled with quite a bit of our assistance, mastery, and direction. This implies assisting with the venue determination as well as everything from other seller referrals, correspondence between key players in your arranging procedure, staying up with the latest with agendas and arranging responsibility in light of the fact that hello, life gets occupied, and after that for the HGE procedure in any event, going to outfit fittings, leading full structure and botanical ridicule ups, planning events and telephone calls and going about as a contact between the couple and some other key players. Once in a while I fill in as a listening ear to my customers, a team promoter, a companion, a center lady between relatives, and the rundown goes on. There isn't much I and my group won't do as a major aspect of the plan of action we have made and the dimension of administration we are devoted to giving to our little program of customer base.


With a full service planning team like Jovial events here at UAE, there is an average of 500 hours given to each client. This includes time spent on the initial booking process (which can takes weeks and even months, many emails, phone calls, meetings, etc), time spent on the wedding planning process without the client’s involvement (e.g. time spent sourcing florals, building proposals, having long meetings with other vendors, troubleshooting on the client’s behalf, etc) and time spent with the client (so meetings with other vendors, tastings, venue walk throughs, dress fittings, etc). Then of course the day before the wedding, the day of, and the day after plus all associated execution, prep, and strike time is considered into this equation. You can see this adds up quickly to a large time investment made into your celebration.


With obvious time commitment differences there are other factors involved here too. Jovial events offer full service planning services and also include with 100% of our client bookings full design, floral, and execution services strictly within your budget. While this often doubles the workload we have pre-wedding and makes the execution side of the event much more involved, it means we get to produce really thorough weddings that are beautifully representative of our unique clientele. Some full service planning teams or planners, may fully plan your event but they hand over design duties and floral responsibilities to different companies but Jovial events is not like that.

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