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When it comes to weddings the most center-piece would be wedding stage decoration in Dubai. There is always that nostalgic inkling at the remembrance of the magical spark of your familiar childhood tales. This is what we Jovial events the best theme wedding planners did in the theme wedding they coordinated just for Samantha and Chris. Adding a whimsical semblance in each step our designers caressed through the air and the spectacular shot of shooting stars. The other theme wedding planners in Dubai didn’t have much to offer much so they turned to us to perfect their magic theme wedding. Let’s hear from the couple themselves as we jovial events perfected their wedding. The wedding decorations set by our designers seemed to reach their expectation and hues.

Customer testimonial from couple side

Samantha: It did appear to be getting stacked to my wishful yet unsuccessful dreams. As a little girl I often grow up believing what the fairy tale pages tell me like a mere wish-upon-a-star. From Jovial events the best wedding planner in Dubai from my experience the childhood fairytale came to life. Our companionship from childhood encompassing a wonderful spell of love, union and dreams that did came true in our ‘magic themed wedding’ set by jovial events.

Chris: Amidst the layers of fine tulle and delicate sheathe Samantha veiled on, lies the heart of my dear princess lucky enough to have a magic inspired celebration set up by jovial events, the best theme wedding planner in Dubai .

(The worthy prince, Chris charming on the inside out as he along with Samantha shows gratitude in their smiles towards Jovial events for the privilege of having a royalty-worthy wedding to call of their own.)

 Samantha: Skillfully the jovial event officials transported us into the imaginary wildwoods set up by jovial designers with melodious symphony serenading; the transformed ballroom centering with an undeniably set that very magical night. The highest of praises permeated the hall filled with guests echoing appreciation and joy towards the stunning wedding stage decorations jovial events designers put forward.

Chris: Strewn over the foyers was a beautiful presentation of guest tables loaded up with lovely petite chomps, sweet treats and beguiling little teacups that apparently popped appropriate out of some pages of fairytale.  tense superb complexity to the sumptuously spruced assembly hall overflowing with precious stone ceiling fixtures, enhanced with falling blossoms and tabletops trimmed with agile fleur and sparkling candle-lights, mirroring the glow in all the upbeat, shining appearances accumulated around the tables.


Samantha: The otherworldly feel achieved its heavenly revelation as we walked through the entryways in amicability, denoting a wonderful start to the beginning of yet an enthralling night introduced with tragic declarations, moving encouraging statements and a night loaded up with excellent moving and effortless mood.

Thus as they stood within the gilded frames of their very own fairytale-inspired carriage, their coupled hearts instantly casted a euphoric brightness all over the entire ballroom, a truly rhapsodic experience to behold; nirvana at its finest as per their words.

So let us design your themed wedding and let it become a dream come true

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