Strengthened with a much talented team of wedding planners and professionals Jovial events, the Best Arabic wedding planner in Dubai brings latest glamour and luxury to every Arabic wedding they organizes. We at Jovial events, fathom the social mainstays of Arabic weddings and we can design each innovative components in order to sprout the aim of spreading a fresh vibe experience. From Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai Jovial events have coordinated successfully the role of being the best Arabic wedding planner in Dubai .Being much knowledgeable about a wide range of Arabic and center eastern weddings Jovial events do work with the most restrictive wedding settings in UAE and additionally over the world. Regardless of whether the clients look for a personal function or a fantastic gala, our team associates will design and arrange everything about, to the place settings and bespoke guestbook. We realize that numerous of Arabic weddings have different occasions, and we do look on to each event and our supervisory group will design the different events as per the client desires. Clients can take a load off, realizing their festival will be dealt by a planner with awesome talent and those backed with a professional team to organize the most lovely, vital Arabic weddings.

Expect the maximum whether you wish to organize a separate milcha and also reception, or just the party, Jovial events will interpret your wishes to letter. Gala days of the clients will be sublimed as we jovial events give perfection even to the details and also cultural traditions. Our team will help you recreate the luxury wedding of your dreams. From the ceremony to the wedding reception each part of your big day will be meticulously designed and executed, ensuring that you and loved one and your loving guests will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

 Let us Jovial events the best wedding planner in Dubai design your traditional Arabic wedding.

Jovial events do understand each respected clients urge to perfect their dream day among their loved ones where only they and their soul partner’s face and emotions matter to be the most in each pages of their fairytale story to be unfolded.


More than a asking of hand in marriage it’s like forwarding a request towards the father with an open platter having groom’s heart as his vow to protect her soul and body till his last breath while being among with family members from both sides.


An Arabic wedding engagement do comprises of exchange of rings followed by an enthralling feast for the family members.


Radwa is a feast worth remembering offered by the men from the groom side for the men of the bride side giving them special hospitality treatment.


Among the symphonies of Arabic melodic tunes where the Queen of the hour’s loved ones enjoy their bachelorette moments with foods and drinks while applying mehndi among their skins and especially hands. As an Arabic tradition groom gifts mahr, gold as a token of love and in happiness applying couple mehndis together followed with a celebration filled with gala and happiness.


As wedding night settles to calmness the man of the event, groom invites men for a party to present them with joyfulness to their maximum.


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