Rixos the Palm

With a vast shoreline and private garden, Rixos Beach is the famous decision for a cozy dusk celebration on the sandy shoreline or a twilight affair festivity on the manicured grass for up to 1000 visitors. The gardens beside the pool is a too lovable hideaway where you can make an open air area in the midst of the shelter of trees. Indoors, couples additionally have a wonderful selection of scenes including L’Olivo Ristorante flaunting floor-to-roof view and marble-clad insides for a rich gathering of up to 150 visitors.

Prestigious for its amazing all-encompassing view on the blue Arabian Gulf, the extravagantly decorated Grand King Suite is one more undeniable decision for a close gathering of up to 20 visitors in the lavish inside or a bigger after-gathering of up to 50 visitors in its extensive patio with a Jacuzzi. This can be an elite venue for dream weddings where your needs are customised by Jovial events.

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