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Forethought and styling a wedding in abroad can be a difficult errand, particularly when you don’t know the places and language! You may have a specific look as a main priority however think that its elusive providers who you are certain can execute your vision on the day!

What makes jovial events the wedding planners in Dubai diverse is that we are situated in Dubai and can impart straightforwardly and consistently all through the lead up to your destination weddings in Dubai, guaranteeing everything about diligently arranged and executed.
Destination wedding planners in Dubai

Destination Weddings

No more worries about organising a wedding in abroad as jovial events, the wedding planners at Dubai guarantee to discover you the most astonishing venue, connect all providers from catering, music and amusement, to bride’s hair, cosmetics, photography and videography… and obviously transport. We will likewise work with you on the plan of your wedding by which you can be certain on the completed look of your wedding. We guarantee you a calm encounter, and enjoy the most significant festival for you and your visitors!


Celebrity Weddings

To be the bystander of uniting two souls who are quite known to the world also made for each other and making their wedding happen is our favourite job to do. The wedding planners at Dubai put together a lavish wedding might be an intimate celebration or a big fat wedding any way the celebrities need it to be. We plan right from hiring top designers to the best team for capturing the moments at a grand wedding venues that are dolled up like never before. Nobody works harder in marriage preparations like planners, start planning for a dream bash with us!

Traditional-Weddings in dubai

Traditional Weddings

As we know the world is of varied heritage, culture and people have their ways of conducting a marriage occasion, it demands the planners to be more understanding and make it happen perfectly. Jovial events the wedding planners at Dubai with comprehending the different customs and traditions of the clients we organise every event at the venues that matches the occasion without having to compromise with rituals and hire local vendors to make necessary arrangements for conducting traditional marriages at the destination of weddings.


Bigfat Weddings

Of course marriage is a celebration you would wish to share with your adorable ones, relatives and friends. So planning a big fat wedding involves proper arrangements where nothing should shortfall and must be perfect. We take care of the bride and groom’s requisites for marriage. Also we carefully choose a venue for wedding where every guests are accommodated, taken care of their stay, transport too. Also we jovial events the wedding planners at Dubai manage the expenses more economical way by making everything worth you have spent. To make the wedding to flourish in every possible dimensions choose us to accomplish your dream celebration.


Kosha Design

The kosha is a significant aspect of any Arab wedding. It is the focal point where the couple to be are seated during their ceremony confronting their wedding visitors. Many photos of the couple, with their families and companions, are taken close the kosha. This makes it a truly critical aspect of the big day and its stylistic layout. We assist the clients to pick the best designs for kosha as it has to blend properly with lighting, space, theme and many other aspects of venue chosen. We jovial events the wedding planners at Dubai consider and approach the arrangements of the wedding as a wonderful and open insight.


Arabic Weddings

Claim the best Arabic wedding planning services from jovial events the wedding planners at Dubai we serve you the unique yet perfect plan for organising the Arabic wedding at your favourite destinations Arabic weddings are rich festivals saturated with history and tradition, there are sure social and strict ceremonies that is followed. We make sure of all rituals, the food, and the decor all are carried out in your way and make it happen as an intimate ceremony or big fat wedding as per your wish. Having experience in organising many traditional weddings including Arabic wedding we are the best planners in Dubai.


Cruise Weddings

Each wedding is enchanted. Envision yourself saying “I do” in the centre of the wide blue ocean, along the sound of the waves alongside your families and companions. To get marry in the cruise is undoubtedly a romantic scene. Cruise wedding will in general work for more modest list if people to attend. Whenever you’ve found the companion, there’s nothing additionally energizing that arranging your fantasy wedding, particularly if it’s a cruise wedding. However, with endless many points during the arranging stages, it can without much of a stretch get overwhelming. A cruise wedding with jovial events the wedding planners in Dubai becomes simple to design as a land-based function, in addition to its completely customisable.


Beach Weddings

Weddings are celebrated in many different ways and making it worth remembering by choosing to make it happen at favourite destination is on trend list. Planning to have a beach wedding then it can be a mesmerizing experience for you and your guests to experience also a plan that enhances the charm of wedding celebrations. It can be one unforgettable part of wedding to have the ceremonies on long stretch of seashore lined with tall trees, stroke of turquoise-emerald waters, with peaceful sounds of waves with natural light wind and with sand between the toes, it will give a romantic ambience to get married and a perfect holiday along with this it can be perfectly planned and organised wedding by jovial events the wedding planners in Dubai on the venues which we can suggest too from numerous beach wedding destinations for marriage.


Indian Weddings

As it is evident that Indian weddings are very rich in every aspects considered which involves a series of ceremonies to be performed before the final big day of wedding ceremony. It might be haldi, mehandi, sangeeth, reception and other pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding ceremonies included demands different requirements and preparations. To match the needs of Indian wedding at your wedding destinations jovial events the wedding planners in Dubai have range of services including vendor management, decor planning and execution, guests management, entertainment design & choreography, food & beverage management, styling, and transport & logistics management.


Theme Weddings

The latest trend in weddings is Themed Wedding where the wedding decoration is done unique and matches by increasing the appearance of the wedding couple. There are various themes suggested by jovial team according to your cultural background, tastes, and budget. Like Indian wedding where we assist you in arranging all the traditions in any of your favourite destination you want to marry. It might be Arabic wedding theme helping to follow the all customs and beautiful kosha which is the focal points in any Arabic weddings.

The jovial events the wedding planners in Dubai customise various themes like it might be love theme, fairy tale weddings and lot more themes. Right from deciding and executing theme for a wedding is all around taken consideration off by the expert and experienced wedding organizers that give opportunity to couples and their folks so they also can have some good times time alongside different visitors. Glance the jovial events website for more ideas of theme weddings.


Royal Weddings

A royal wedding is a fantasy for each man and lady. It resembles a delegated stroke if the wedding setting is some royal residence or royal venue. Royal exotic marriages are the most alluring and extravagant wedding. There is something in particular about the theme royal wedding which adds to the magnificence of marriage. The glorious fortifications, royal castles, delightful lakes, and beautiful hills, simply make a wedding wonderful investigating every possibility to make a wedding significant for the lady of the hour and husband to be.

The rich social legacy of the Palaces in your objective is the thing that attracts individuals to design their wedding. The royal wedding by jovial events the wedding planners in Dubai organizer makes it sure that whatever area you decide for your wedding, it ought to be in a state of harmony with how you need your wedding to be completed, the chain of occasions that follows and the courses of action needed for your fantasy to work out.


Western Weddings

We, at jovial events immovably accept that each couple ought to make the most of their exceptional day without agonizing over things like cooks and embellishments. All things considered, your Wedding is something you’ll recall and fortune for an amazing remainder. Western weddings are the most effortless to design. If you plan your Western wedding ceremony with jovial events, the wedding planners in Dubai, we’ll guarantee you that from the littlest subtleties to the excellent arranging of the greater components, you will see it less distressing to sort out your Party and you’ll simply sit back, unwind and make the most of your large day.

From your list of attendees to your wedding themes, vocalists, marriage vehicle, gathering, and so on and so forth, Future Vision will ensure everything about appropriately arranged and executed so you’ll make the most of your defining moment from venturing into the raised area right to cutting the cake with your loved one.


International Wed

How excited are you to start searching and curating the best of all for your wedding, but worried how to make your dream wedding to come true at your favourite destination? It is quite obvious that clients think there is a risk if they are planning for favourite destinations or having international weddings for which they seek top wedding planners like us! But when you choose us it is uncomplicated job as we know the in and out of wedding planning and having carried out weddings at different destinations with different traditional wedding ceremonies. We promise to make the destination to look more beautiful than you ever imagined. So it is a hassle free job by hiring us as we connect with all local vendors at the specified destinations and carry out your dream international wedding in more economical ways. Jovial events are wedding planners at Dubai who organises a risk free international wedding for clients’ right from planning, creating, executing it.


Honeymoon Planners

Your very first holiday as a wedded couple ought to be truly unique. However, arranging a vacation can be truly exhausting. It does not end at booking air tickets and lodgings. You will likewise need to have encounters which will remain with you for a lifetime. For somebody with an all-day work and the additional weight of wedding arranging, this can be an enormous undertaking. This is the place where we jovial events step in. we as planners for honeymoon can clergyman the most extraordinary and important occasions for you and your new mate.

Also we consider what kind of honeymoon destination is expected by the couple whether should be more romantic or adventurous and exciting having water sports and thrill filled games. The jovial events make sure to plan and organise so it is remembered for life time.


Wedding Films

It’s imperative to feel like you picked the privilege videographer for your wedding. You can be sure on us as jovial events has best group who will catch the extraordinary snapshots of your day and give you a realistic wedding film you’ll adore for eternity. Wedding Films have advanced from long, customary and pass up blow records of the wedding to exceptionally altered and theme feature movies of your wedding the manner in which it has the right to be recalled.

Our movies impeccably supplement our wedding photography and together will make a visual show-stopper that recounts the tale of your wedding, each frame at a time. We trust you shouldn’t need to stress over missing any unique minutes from your ideal day.


Stage Design And Production

Few want their wedding venue to look like a heaven and want the decorations like never before which should be picture perfect! We jovial events deck up the venue best Stage Design and Production and decorate with beautiful Table Makeup and Décor which completes the venue look.

If it is theme wedding you are looking for jovial events has separate Event Design Production team who includes various themes like romantic, royal, or any theme you prefer. To add to your theme we can arrange for Furniture Rental if it supports the theme and adding to the wedding décor to make it look magnificent is proper choice of Sound and Lighting that helps to increase the quality of pictures captured.


Floral Design And Décor

As our aim is to offer complete services we have a specialised team who are professionals in flower arrangements customising to the client’s needs. We make the best plan for wedding Decorations and flowers and make the venue look like never before and make it an eye catching view that matches the space of venue, lighting system that mix and complements the theme of the occasion. We make sure to use fresh flowers for décor to give the lavish, decent look and stays for longer till the end of occasion. The quality of service we offer is what makes us outstanding wedding planners in Dubai.


Event Design Production

Jovial events in the vision of extending the quality of services we take the responsibility of planning each events associated with the ceremony of wedding and design the event flow, décor, food, beverages, theme and many other aspects. We have a dedicated team to manage the designing part and producing it on the day planned for. Also it can be any event related to wedding or corporate events we plan by looking into the needs of customers and also what the event demands.


Sound And Lighting

After finalising the wedding location in your dream destination it becomes important to develop scenario and plan of the wedding day which gives a clear picture on how the wedding would look like and make necessary Preparation of wedding estimates before you get busy with wedding events.

We make sure we keep the guests occupied and don’t get bored in the wedding so we include Entertainment and live music and having the MC and DJ to host the wedding event and keep guests lively. And to have music of couple’s choice which keeps them involved too. Also to magnify the look of the venue we include lights that keeps the guests awestruck at ceremony and get the couples as well as guests pictures clicked with proper lighting.


Wedding Itinerary

It becomes important from our end to give the guests a clarity on the flow of events so they can manage the timings and get ready accordingly. So it’s a decent gesture to give a wedding itinerary to guests which is a service offered at jovial events so that guests are informed and there is no dilemma for guests about the venue, timings, and dates, help them reach venue on time without missing the moments of occasion. The added advantage of wedding itinerary is from which a people who are devoid of knowledge about rituals get an idea of ceremonies involved in one wedding celebrations, which also becomes a medium for you to give a glimpse of rituals and its importance on being celebrated to your guests.


Table Makeup And Décor

Wedding tables are an incredible method to amp up your wedding gathering design. These wedding table beautifications come in different theme and impeccably help to lift the vibe of your visitors’ supper table. Tables are a necessary aspect of any gathering. Table Décor incorporates a wide range of improvement things, jars, cutlery, napkins, candles, decorative spreads and blossoms coordinating the theme all these incorporations are finalised and included in the occasion by checking space, lighting and expected number of guests for ceremony. Every one of these subtleties will unquestionably draw in the visitor’s consideration and establish a connection.



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We have a genuine enthusiasm for being the destination wedding planners in Dubai, for the nation’s food, craftsmanship, history, venues also architecture and comprehend the attributes of every place and how to consolidate these components through precise plan and styling. Being the experienced wedding planners in Dubai we draw out the best in every venue and will work with nearby providers to guarantee your wedding is real, conventional and gorgeously created.

To be a destination wedding planners at Dubai is our passion, matched with our involvement with the wedding business which moves and drives us to make the most real, immortal and sentimental weddings. It is those little subtleties, for example, the stationery, dinnerware, furniture, botanical plan and beautifying the decor that make an exceptional, ageless and excellent wedding, which we will attempt to source and execute flawlessly on the day.

Jovial events is one such wedding planners in Dubai who emphasises the style. Job of creating a wedding is what reflects your choices which is made easier by us where we shape your ideas by improvising, execute the plan by adding life to it. Connect with us to have your dream destination wedding at your preferred venues or at star hotels in Dubai which goes with the individuality, number of guests, style of wedding, number of events throughout out the wedding and other factors too. You can have a quick tour of our website to get the clarity of our services we offer, our successful wedding stories, choices of our venue, idea on how you can get the decorations of wedding, different events we organise apart from weddings.

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