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What makes jovial events the Best Wedding Planners in Dubai diverse is that we are situated in Dubai and can impart straightforwardly and consistently all through the lead up to your Destination Wedding Planners in Dubai, guaranteeing everything about diligently arranged and executed. We have a genuine enthusiasm for being the destination wedding planners in Dubai, for the nation’s food, craftsmanship, history, venues also architecture and comprehend the attributes of every place and how to consolidate these components through precise plan and styling.

Being the experienced wedding planners in Dubai we draw out the best in every venue and will work with nearby providers to guarantee your wedding is real, conventional and gorgeously created.

Destination Wedding Planners in UAE

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Destination wedding Dubai
Destination wedding Planners Dubai
Traditional Wedding in Dubai

Traditional Weddings

Traditional weddings can vary significantly based on cultural and regional customs, but they often share certain core elements that are common in many traditional ceremonies worldwide. Traditional weddings are usually held in religious places like churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, or other sacred sites. The venue choice often depends on the couple's religious or cultural background.

Ajman destination weddings
Indian Weddings

Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are known for their rich cultural traditions, vibrant colors, and elaborate ceremonies. They vary based on the region, religion, and community, but there are some common elements that are often present in Indian weddings.

Wedding makup


Mehndi, also known as henna, is a traditional form of body art in which intricate designs are drawn on the hands, feet, and other parts of the body using henna paste. Mehndi designs are an essential part of many cultural and religious celebrations, especially weddings and festivals.

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Events are celebrated to share your happiness for various reasons, so don’t you need a team who can give importance to your day in same way as you are doing. We understand it’s a huge moment for you when you are filled with happiness and willing to make it grand. Our professionals serve you with the complete package of event management depending on the type of event and your needs. Each event arrangement is done by keeping your dreams and requirements as our priorities.

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Wedding Catering

Caterers work closely with their clients to design a suitable menu that aligns with the event's theme, dietary preferences, and budget.

Wedding Films

Wedding films are typically captured by professional videographers who use high-quality cameras, lenses, and equipment to ensure the best visual results.

Table Makeup and Decoration

Determine the theme and purpose of the event or occasion. Whether it's a formal dinner, birthday party, wedding reception, or holiday gathering, the theme will guide your choice of decorations.


Honeymooning in Dubai can be a luxurious and memorable experience. Dubai, the city of glitz and glamour, offers a perfect blend of modernity, culture, and romance.

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Wedding Planners in Turkey

Turkey is well known all around the world due to its culture and great architecture. The most visited places of Turkey are Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Bodrum, Side, and so on.

Each city of Turkey narrates ancient stories with its architecture which keeps you stun. It is one of the destinations which serve you with so many options such as sightseeing, adventures, opportunities, water sporting, nightlife and so on. Are you dreaming of such an ancient destination with a modern lifestyle for your wedding then plan your Wedding in Turkey and make it memorable forever.

Wedding Planners in Turkey
Ajman destination weddings
Wedding Planners in Turkey

Turkey is known for its beautiful wedding destinations and venues, attracting couples from around the world. If you're considering a wedding in Turkey and would like the assistance of a professional wedding planner, Jovial events is a best wedding planners in Turkey

Western Wedding
Western Wedding

A Western wedding, also known as a traditional or white wedding, is a common type of wedding ceremony and celebration in many Western cultures. It typically follows a set of traditions and customs that have been passed down through generations.

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