Arabic Wedding Planners in Dubai

Arabic Wedding Planners in Dubai

Each tradition has its values and rituals which must be followed. Arabic weddings are one of the grand weddings which follow a number of rituals. Are you willing to wed in Arabic style by following each and every ritual, and searching for the best and most appropriate assistance to guide you throughout your wedding planning and organizing? Then you are at the right page, experts of Jovial Events planners can assist you to plan and organize an Arabic wedding of your dreams. Our professionals are serving this industry since last decade and hence are well informed with each and every ritual of an Arabic wedding. We assist you right from your pre wedding events to make it a perfect wedding followed by various Arabic wedding traditions.

Discover the artistry of Arabic wedding planning with Jovial Events, the leading experts in Dubai. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for perfection, we curate extraordinary celebrations that capture the essence of your love and heritage.


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Arabic Wedding Planners in Dubai

    Experience unforgettable Arabic weddings in Dubai with Jovial Events, the leading wedding planners. Get expert help, stunning venues, and impeccable services to make your wedding dreams come true.

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    An Arabic wedding requires a number of elements to be included to make it perfect. To do so only professionals can assist you with every pinpoint detail. Our experts can assist you to organize the best Arabic wedding which can be an indelible moment for you and also for your entire guest.
    Our Arabic wedding package includes the following events:
    • Tulba
    • Engagement
    • Radwa
    • Henna
    • Sahra
    • Wedding ceremony
    • Wedding reception
    Why our Arabic wedding planners are a prior choice?

    Our Arabic wedding planners in Dubai are professionals and understand your requirements very well. We assist you right from the selection of your wedding date. Even suggest the best dates which can be favorable for you in terms of arrangements, getting the best venue, and also budget. With each step of your wedding arrangement, we ensure perfection and creativity of your grand day.
    Wedding Invitation:

    A traditional Arabic wedding demands a traditional invitation to your entire guest list to develop the pre vision of your grand Arabic wedding. Therefore our Arabic wedding planners serve you with the classiest and traditional designs of invitation cards which can win the heart of your guest before your grand day begins.
    Wedding venue:

    Another important factor of a wedding arrangement is wedding venue which makes your wedding complete and successful as per your dreams. Our experts serve you with a list of wedding venues at the location of your choice and also keep your rest requirements as the point of consideration. Your budget is our first priority, and then number of guests, transportation facility and the mode which you prefer, accessible for your entire guest and also easy for vendors to arrange required elements.

    Adding a syrup of sugar to the sweetness of your happiness we decorate your wedding venue with the most creative and stunning ideas which will definitely steal your heart. Each time we decorate a wedding venue we believe we are decorating your dreams and hence keep it as special as your dreams are. We own the most creative team of decorators who serves you with a pre vision of your wedding venue to ensure the stunning and appealing look of your dreams.

    Arabic wedding is followed by various ceremonies, pre and post wedding. Our experts are well informed with each ritual and organize a well-planned Arabic wedding giving value to your wishes. As per the Arabic wedding we plan the ceremonies but if you are willing to customize it and add or subtract any of those or willing to organize in a different manner then also our experts are always at your assistance.

    Completing the joy and happiness of grand wedding with a delicious treat for everyone is an obvious wish of a couple. Our Arabic wedding planners also plan a grand reception followed by entertainment and delicious and appetizing cuisine for everyone. We have the best and most professional caterers who are experts of cuisines of 18 different countries and can serve you with a taste of your choice.

    Arabic weddings vary in traditions and customs across different Arab countries and communities. Here are some common types of Arabic weddings:

    1. Saudi Arabian Wedding: Saudi weddings are known for their grandeur and cultural significance. They often involve separate wedding events for men and women. The women’s event (Zaffa Al-Nisa) includes traditional songs, dance, and the henna night (Makhtubay). The men’s event (Zaffa Al-Rajul) involves lively music, dancing, and feasting.

    2. Lebanese Wedding: Lebanese weddings are vibrant and festive occasions. They typically include a Zaffe, a traditional wedding entrance where drummers and dancers lead the couple and guests into the venue. Lebanese weddings also feature an array of delicious Middle Eastern cuisine and music.

    3. Emirati Wedding: Emirati weddings are a blend of traditional and modern elements. The celebrations include the Henna night (Mazayen Al-‘Eid), the Gerga’an celebration for children, and the main wedding ceremony (Ruqsat Al-‘Arus) with elaborate decorations and feasting.

    4. Moroccan Wedding: Moroccan weddings are known for their rich cultural rituals and colorful celebrations. The wedding includes the Henna night (Rasm Al-Henna), traditional Moroccan music and dance, and a lavish feast with dishes like couscous and tagine.

    5. Egyptian Wedding: Egyptian weddings often involve several events leading up to the main ceremony. These may include the Henna night (Laylat Al-Hinna), the engagement party (Zaffet Al-Mouzayyan), and the main wedding reception (Zaffet Al-‘Arous).

    6. Palestinian Wedding: Palestinian weddings are characterized by their traditional Dabke dance, performed by the couple and their guests during the celebration. The wedding involves the Henna night (Night of Henna) and a grand feast with a variety of Palestinian dishes.

    7. Kuwaiti Wedding: Kuwaiti weddings are known for their hospitality and lavishness. The celebrations often span multiple days and include separate events for men and women. The wedding features traditional songs, dance, and sumptuous meals.

    8. Tunisian Wedding: Tunisian weddings involve various pre-wedding events, such as the Henna night (Laylat Al-Hinna) and the traditional procession of the groom’s family to the bride’s house. The main ceremony includes music, dance, and a grand feast.

    9. Jordanian Wedding: Jordanian weddings often include the Henna night (Laylat Al-Hinna) and the main wedding ceremony (Arusah). They feature traditional Jordanian music, dance, and delectable Jordanian cuisine.

    10. Omani Wedding: Omani weddings are characterized by their traditional Omani dance and music performances. The celebrations include separate events for men and women and feature a blend of Omani customs and Islamic traditions.

    These are just a few examples of the diverse types of Arabic weddings celebrated across various Arab countries and communities. Each type reflects the unique cultural heritage and traditions of the region and the families involved.