Cruise Wedding Planners in Dubai

Cruise Wedding Planners In Dubai

Are you dreaming for wedding in a cruise sailing over deep blue ocean spread over miles and miles? If yes, then we can assist you to make your dream come true. Our expertized team will arrange a cruise wedding right starting from the selection of cruise till sailing back to your land. We serve with a complete cruise wedding solution. To plan and organize your dream wedding you just need to reach our cruise wedding planners, rest will be our expert’s responsibility to give you the best day in your desired manner. Jovial Events has professional teams who are serving this industry since past decade and have assisted countless couples to plan their grand day in a cruise with great pomp and show.


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Cruise Wedding Planners in Dubai

Our services at a glance

Our assisted services for a cruise wedding:

We ensure to make your day grand and successful. Our team serve you with a list of options among which you can choose one which suits and requirements and wishes too. We serve you with a complete wedding solution, few of the services of cruise wedding package is listed below, rest you can customize based on your requirements:


There are so many locations in the world from where you can opt your cruise to sail. Hence our cruise wedding planners serve you a list of options which suits your budget and other requirements too. Now you can select one location from where you are willing to start your dream journey.

Cruise selection and documentation:

Once the location is finalized next step is checking availability of cruise on your selected date and documentation. As, before your cruise sails in the grand gigantic ocean you need to take legal permission with the prior information of days you are willing to sail the cruise. But you don’t need to take it into account, because our experts do all such formalities on your behalf under your supervision only.

Wedding arrangements:

As you are sailing miles and miles far from the land so you must be prepared perfectly before you start the journey. Not only with the wedding arrangements but also every single element which is or which may be required during your journey. We own a professional team who is well experienced and well known with each and every scenario. Therefore, serve you with perfect wedding arrangements and also cruise journey.


Being in the cruise, when you are at the most romantic place in this world how can you neglect entertainment? Our team even arranges the best and most engaging entertainment elements in the cruise which makes your wedding more memorable and joyous.

Transportation to and from port:

Our cruise wedding services starts right from your home. We facilitate you with the transportation facility to and from the port, so as to make it comfortable for you and your entire guest. But we keep a common pick up and drop point for your entire guest which is also helpful for you to cut down your expenses.

    Discover the ultimate luxury wedding experience with Jovial Events, the leading Cruise Wedding Planners in Dubai.

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    Types of Cruise Weddings

    Cruise weddings offer a unique and unforgettable way to tie the knot, combining the joy of a wedding celebration with the adventure of a cruise vacation. There are different types of cruise weddings that cater to various preferences and budgets. Here are some popular options:

    1. Onboard Ship Wedding: Many cruise lines offer wedding packages that allow couples to get married on the ship while it is docked in a port or during a day at sea. The ceremony can take place in a dedicated wedding chapel or in a scenic onboard location, such as a deck with ocean views.

    2. Destination Wedding Cruise: Couples can choose to have their wedding ceremony at a specific port of call during the cruise itinerary. The cruise line arranges for the legal requirements and logistics at the destination, making it a seamless experience for the couple and their guests.

    3. Cruise Ship Wedding and Reception: Some couples opt for a full wedding package that includes the ceremony on the ship and a reception afterward. The ship’s onboard facilities, such as a ballroom or restaurant, can be reserved for the reception celebration.

    4. Private Island Wedding: Several cruise lines have private islands in the Caribbean and other destinations where they offer exclusive wedding experiences. Couples and their guests can enjoy a secluded beach wedding on the cruise line’s private island.

    5. Renewal of Vows Cruise: A renewal of vows ceremony on a cruise allows couples to celebrate their enduring love and commitment in a meaningful way. This is a popular choice for couples celebrating milestone anniversaries.

    6. Elopement Cruise: For couples looking for an intimate and private wedding experience, a cruise elopement allows them to exchange vows in a romantic setting while enjoying the cruise vacation.

    7. Pre-Wedding Cruise Celebration: Some couples opt to have a pre-wedding celebration cruise with their close friends and family before having a formal wedding ceremony on land. This provides an opportunity to create cherished memories with loved ones before the big day.

    8. LGBTQ+ Cruise Wedding: Many cruise lines offer LGBTQ+ wedding packages and are LGBTQ+ friendly, providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for same-sex couples to celebrate their love.

    9. Multicultural Cruise Wedding: Couples from different cultural backgrounds may choose to have a cruise wedding that incorporates elements from both their cultures, creating a unique and harmonious celebration.

    10. Themed Cruise Wedding: Couples can opt for a themed cruise wedding, such as a vintage-inspired wedding, a beach-themed wedding, or a costume wedding, where guests dress up in a particular theme for the ceremony and reception.

    Cruise weddings offer the advantage of combining the wedding ceremony and reception with a memorable vacation experience for the couple and their guests. The cruise line’s wedding coordinators help manage the logistics and ensure that everything runs smoothly, making it a stress-free option for couples looking for a destination wedding with a difference.

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