International Wedding Planners in Dubai

International Wedding Planners in Dubai

Let Jovial Events, the premier international wedding planners in Dubai, turn your dream wedding into a reality with their expertise and attention to detail.

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International Wedding Planners in Dubai

A wedding at international land is a dream for most of the couples. But planning weddings miles and miles away from your mother’s land is a tough job but not impossible. If you are dreaming of an international wedding but just keeping your step back because of planning issues then you can hire the best International Wedding Planners in Dubai and Organizers in Dubai to make your day as per your dreams. And if you are searching for a creative and skilled international wedding planner then Jovial Event planners is the right choice for you. Our wedding planners are serving this industry for the last decade and hence well informed with various wedding trends followed by diverse customs and are also creative enough to serve you with most romantic and beautiful day.

Planning an international wedding includes a number of things in it and the most important element is a professional wedding planner to fulfill each requirement gracefully and successfully. Our  wedding planners make sure to assist you throughout your wedding at the destination of your choice all around the globe.

    Discover the perfect blend of elegance and cultural diversity with Jovial Events, the leading international wedding planners in Dubai.

    Multicultural Wedding

    Cultural Fusion Wedding

    Destination Wedding

    Arabian Nights Wedding

    Luxury Hotel Wedding

    Historical Venue Wedding

    Beach Wedding

    Traditional Arabic Wedding

    Discover the perfect blend of elegance and cultural diversity with Jovial Events, the leading international wedding planners in Dubai.

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    What we offer?

    We offer a complete package of wedding planning which includes listed facilities. And if you are willing to add a few more or to reduce the package then you can even get customized services which will include only services of your choice. We do understand it’s your grand day that’s why make sure to keep each arrangement of your choice.


    The world is too huge and has countless beautiful locations. Most of those you might be not familiar with. But our International Wedding Planners in Dubai are well known with each and every corner and hence can suggest you hidden treasures of natural beauty which you might have only dreamed about. We serve all around the world, but major countries are India, UAE, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Turkey, Thailand, Europe, and so on.


    When you are done with the location selection, we share complete details of different types of venues of that particular location. Either you are planning an indoor or outdoor wedding; our International Wedding Planners in Dubai serve you with the best and most alluring venues which can yours to celebrate your grand day.

    Wedding ceremonies:

    It becomes difficult for folks to arrange various wedding ceremonies at a location far from their residence and to bring perfection to it is next to is really tough. But to give a perfect day with detailed eye perfection our team is always at your assistance. We organize each wedding ceremony with a creative concept which makes your wedding a memorable and golden period of life. We try to serve you with a special experience at each wedding ceremony and also keep your rituals and believe as a prior element.


    Just a wedding venue is not sufficient to make your wedding grand but you need to decorate it with creativity so enhance its beauty. Our professional decorators are skilled and very creative. They are well equipped with latest technology too which help them to serve you with an unseen experience. Our team’s each effort is highly concentrated on perfection and artistry. Our experts also serve you with theme decoration which

    Costume and make up:

    A bride and groom look is always stunning but to enhance the charm you need best wedding costume and make up too. We serve you with the best make costume designers who can give you the most appealing costume for your grand day to give you a stunning look. Another important element to enhance beauty is your make up. So we serve you the best makeup artist who gives the most stunning and desired look.

    Wedding reception and cuisine:

    To celebrate your wedding in a grand way we assist you to organize a splendid wedding reception. And also we decorate your reception venue with creativity and perfection. We just try to make this day a memorable one with its each element. And placing cherry at the top of creamy cake, we serve you with a delicious cuisine which satisfies your each taste bud.

    Accommodation and hospitality:

    At a land far from your own residence, it may be hard for you to find the best and most comfortable accommodation. Our experts assist you with the best and most comfortable accommodation with in your budget. Apart from this we serve with the best hospitality to make your entire wedding trip comfortable. Not only for you but we take a good care of your guests too.

    Planning an international wedding in Dubai allows for a unique and luxurious experience, with the city’s iconic skyline, extravagant venues, and diverse cultural offerings. Here are some considerations and ideas for planning an international wedding in Dubai:

    1. Iconic Venues:

      • Choose a venue that showcases Dubai’s grandeur, such as a luxury hotel with a panoramic view of the city, a beachfront resort, or a ballroom with elegant architecture. Popular venues include the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis The Palm, and the Armani Hotel.
    2. Extravagant Decor:

      • Embrace opulent decor with luxurious floral arrangements, crystal chandeliers, and elaborate table settings. Consider incorporating a color scheme that complements the venue and adds a touch of sophistication.
    3. Cultural Fusion:

      • Blend cultural elements from both the bride and groom’s backgrounds to create a unique and personalized wedding experience. Incorporate cultural motifs, traditions, and even multilingual elements into the ceremony and reception.
    4. International Cuisine:

      • Dubai’s culinary scene is diverse, offering a wide range of international cuisines. Work with renowned caterers to create a menu that caters to various tastes and preferences, ensuring a culinary experience that delights all guests.
    5. Extravagant Attire:

      • Encourage the bridal party and guests to dress in glamorous, international fashion. Consider incorporating a mix of cultural attire and modern, chic styles to reflect the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Dubai.
    6. Entertainment:

      • Arrange for top-notch entertainment, such as international performers, live bands, or DJs who can cater to diverse musical preferences. Consider cultural performances that represent the heritage of both families.
    7. Photography and Videography:

      • Hire skilled international photographers and videographers who understand the significance of capturing moments against the backdrop of Dubai’s iconic landmarks. Utilize the cityscape and architecture for stunning visual memories.
    8. Destination Excursions:

      • Plan pre-wedding or post-wedding excursions for guests to explore Dubai’s attractions, such as desert safaris, city tours, or visits to iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall.
    9. Multilingual Celebrations:

      • If the bride and groom, as well as the guests, speak different languages, consider incorporating multilingual elements into the ceremony and reception to ensure everyone feels included and engaged.
    10. Luxury Transportation:

      • Arrange for luxurious transportation for the wedding party and guests, such as limousines or even private yacht charters. This adds an extra touch of sophistication to the overall experience.
    11. Wedding Planners:

      • Work with experienced wedding planners in Dubai who are familiar with international weddings. They can assist with logistics, cultural considerations, and ensuring all legal requirements are met.
    12. Legal Requirements:

      • Familiarize yourself with the legal requirements for getting married in Dubai, especially if the bride and groom are of different nationalities. Ensure all necessary documentation is prepared well in advance.
    13. Extended Celebrations:

      • Take advantage of the destination setting by extending the celebrations into a multi-day event. This allows guests to not only enjoy the wedding festivities but also experience the luxury and attractions of Dubai.
    14. Blend with Local Culture:

      • Incorporate elements of Dubai’s rich cultural heritage into your wedding, such as traditional Arabic calligraphy, henna art, or even local entertainers showcasing traditional performances.

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