Arabic Wedding Planners in Abu Dhabi

Arabic Wedding Planners in Abu Dhabi

Experience the epitome of elegance and opulence with Jovial Events, the premier Arabic wedding planners in Abu Dhabi. Let us transform your special day into a mesmerizing celebration of love and culture.


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Arabic Wedding Planners in Abu Dhabi

Jovial Events serve you with the most professional Arabic Wedding Planners in Abu Dhabi who serve you throughout your wedding ceremonies following each and every ritual and tradition of Arabic custom. We ensure to make each wedding event perfect in each term. Our Arabic wedding planners are professional and also well known for each and every ritual followed in Arabic weddings.

A wedding is an auspicious day for everyone. Most of the folks dream to wed their loved ones following their rituals and traditions. But planning an Arabic wedding is a tough job. If you are willing to plan then you must take the assistance of professionals who are well aware of each and every tradition followed by the Arabic customs. If you are searching for Arabic wedding planners in Abu Dhabi then Jovial Events can serve you with the most professional team to make your day perfect and grand. Our Arabic wedding planners in Abu Dhabi are well known for each and every ritual followed for a traditional Arabic wedding and ensure a perfect day for you.

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Arabic weddings with Jovial Events, the unrivaled wedding planners in Abu Dhabi. From breathtaking venues to exquisite details, we create unforgettable moments that reflect your unique love story.

    Traditional Islamic Wedding

    Maghrebi Wedding

    Henna Night (Laylat al-Henna)

    Gulf Wedding in UAE

    Coptic Christian Wedding

    Bedouin Wedding

    Mixed Cultural Weddings

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    Our Arabic wedding planners assist you right from the beginning of wedding planning till organizing the best and most entertaining wedding reception making you day more grand. Our Arabic wedding package serves you with complete wedding events:

    • Tulba
    • Engagement
    • Radwa
    • Henna
    • Sahra
    • Wedding ceremony
    • Wedding reception

    Here are our services listed below: Budget management:

    While planning a wedding most of the folks find difficulty in budget management. Our Arabic wedding planners in Abu Dhabi assist you with a proper budget management, in which they suggest you where to expand your hands for expenses and where to contract for the best wedding.

    Venue selection and decoration:

    Our Arabic wedding planners in Abu Dhabi also suggest you the best wedding venues in Abu Dhabi which are appropriate for your Arabic wedding and also fits your other requirements, such as location, capacity, accessibility, and so on.


    Just a venue is not sufficient to make your wedding memorable. We decorate your selected wedding venue in the most alluring and creative manner to drape it with your dreams. Each corner of your wedding venue we decorate in the most astonishing manner.


    To follow each and every wedding ritual you require a priest. So we serve you with the best priest who will assist you throughout your wedding ceremonies.

    Wedding ceremonies:

    Not only on the day of wedding, but our Arabic wedding planners serve you throughout your pre and post wedding ceremonies to make these days a golden period for you.

    1. Traditional Islamic Wedding: Many Arab weddings follow Islamic traditions, which include a religious ceremony conducted by an Imam. The ceremony involves the signing of the marriage contract (Nikah) and may take place at a mosque or a designated venue. The couple and their families often follow Islamic customs and rituals.

    2. Henna Night (Laylat al-Henna): This is a pre-wedding ceremony where the bride’s hands and feet are adorned with intricate henna designs. It is a joyful occasion filled with music, dancing, and traditional rituals. In some regions, the groom may also participate in a similar celebration.

    3. Bedouin Wedding: Bedouin weddings are rooted in the traditions of the nomadic Arab tribes. These weddings often feature distinctive customs, such as traditional music, dances, and the exchange of gifts. The celebrations may take place in a tent in the desert, reflecting the nomadic lifestyle.

    4. Levantine Wedding: In the Levant region (including countries like Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Palestine), weddings often involve a combination of traditional and modern elements. Festive music, traditional dabke dances, and elaborate feasts are common features.

    5. Maghrebi Wedding: In North African countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya, weddings may include vibrant and colorful ceremonies. Traditional attire, such as the Moroccan caftan, is often worn. Festivities may extend over several days and include a mix of cultural and religious practices.

    6. Gulf Wedding: Weddings in the Gulf countries (such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait) are known for their opulence. Lavish decorations, grand venues, and extravagant celebrations characterize Gulf weddings. Traditional dances, like the Ardha, may be performed.

    7. Coptic Christian Wedding: In Egypt and other regions with Coptic Christian communities, weddings are conducted according to the traditions of the Coptic Orthodox Church. The ceremony may include rituals such as the crowning of the couple and the sharing of a symbolic cup of wine.

    8. Mixed Cultural Weddings: Due to the diaspora and globalization, some Arabic weddings involve a mix of cultures. Couples from different ethnic or religious backgrounds may incorporate elements from each tradition, creating unique and personalized ceremonies.

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