Atlantis the Palm

Have you ever thought of taking wedding vows on a sun-kissed private sea shore, or planning your celebration in underwater wonderland? With a decision of extravagant amazing open air venue, ballroom, Atlantis Dubai transforms life into your fantasy wedding. Menus offered by world-class gourmet experts, accommodation choices for the wedding guests make this Dubai’s best and generally looked for in the wake of wedding goal. Getting hitched in Dubai has never been progressively cheerful. Let jovial events, our group of devoted wedding pros deal with everything about, you can appreciate the most significant day of your life.

From gatherings for 10 individuals to extravagant weddings for 2,000 visitors, Atlantis Dubai offers amazing settings for your memorable day. Plan an outstanding Indian, Arabic or summer wedding celebration in Dubai, with bespoke bundles to suit your gathering size and also wedding style.

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