Gujarati wedding Planners in Ras Al Khaimah

Gujarati wedding Planners in Ras Al Khaimah

Looking for Gujarati wedding planners in Ras Al Khaimah? Jovial Events specializes in creating unforgettable Gujarati weddings, combining tradition and modernity to make your dream wedding come true.

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A Gujarati wedding in Ras Al Khaimah, or anywhere else, would typically follow the rich traditions and customs of Gujarati culture. Gujarati weddings are known for their vibrant and colorful celebrations, filled with rituals, music, dance, and elaborate feasts. Here’s a general overview of what you might expect:

  1. Pre-wedding rituals:

    • Sagai (Engagement): This ceremony marks the formal announcement of the wedding. The families exchange gifts, and the couple exchanges rings.
    • Garba and Sangeet: These are lively pre-wedding celebrations filled with music and dance. Garba involves traditional dance forms, while Sangeet is a night of musical performances by family and friends.
  2. Mehendi (Henna Ceremony):

    • The bride and other women in the family get intricate henna designs applied to their hands and feet. It’s a fun and artistic event.
  3. Wedding day rituals:

    • Ganesh Puja: The wedding festivities often begin with a prayer to Lord Ganesh for blessings and prosperity.
    • Pithi ceremony: The bride and groom have a ceremonial paste made from turmeric, sandalwood, and rose water applied to their bodies for purification and to enhance their glow.
  4. Wedding ceremony:

    • The main wedding ceremony usually takes place in a mandap (a decorated canopy).
    • Jaimala (Exchange of Garlands): The bride and groom exchange floral garlands as a symbol of acceptance.
    • Kanyadaan: The bride’s father gives her away to the groom, symbolizing the entrustment of his daughter to her new family.
    • Saat Pheras (Seven Rounds): The couple takes seven rounds around the sacred fire, each round representing a vow.
  5. Post-wedding rituals:

    • Sindoor and Mangalsutra: The groom applies sindoor (vermilion) on the bride’s forehead and ties the mangalsutra (a sacred necklace) around her neck, symbolizing her marital status.
  6. Reception:

    • After the wedding ceremony, there is often a grand reception where friends and family come together to celebrate and offer their blessings to the newlyweds.

Given that this wedding is in Ras Al Khaimah, a city in the United Arab Emirates, it’s essential to consider any local regulations or requirements for hosting events. Additionally, the couple may choose to incorporate elements of the local culture or adhere to any legal requirements for marriage in the UAE.

    Looking for Gujarati wedding planners in Ras Al Khaimah? Jovial Events specializes in creating unforgettable weddings. Trust us to bring your dream wedding to life!

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