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Theme wedding planners in Abu Dhabi
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Wedding Planners

Theme Wedding Planners in Abu Dhabi

Jovial Events have effectively executed numerous and enormous occasions till the date. We are an expert Event Management Company situated in Abu Dhabi and has practical experience in giving one stop answers for your whole occasion the customer needs. And are specially know for theme wedding planners in Abu Dhabi. Our conviction is that in the event that you get the way of life right, the vast majority of the other stuff, similar to extraordinary client administration, or building an incredible long haul brand, or engaging enthusiastic representatives and clients, will occur individually. Event Management can be requesting and exorbitant. This Theme Wedding Planner situated in Abu Dhabi to take the strain, leaving you with additional time in your grasp, enabling you to appreciate the occasion without limit. We offer a full scope of imaginative Wedding Planning Services and we convey on schedule and inside spending plan.

Theme Wedding Planners

A wedding is one of the most purified and uncommon occasion of one’s life. A large portion of us long for the most beguiling and mind blowing weddings. For individuals who have confidence in greatness and glorious festivals. Abu Dhabi with its rich social legacy and shifted ethnicity is the centre point for weddings. It is a place where there is festivity and celebrations. Weddings in Abu Dhabi are luxurious occasions, where individuals praise the fresh start in their life.

Theme Wedding Planners
Theme Wedding Planners

Our Theme Wedding Planners in Abu Dhabi services are listed below

Theme Wedding Planners

Theme weddings are a popular choice for couples who want to infuse their special day with a unique and memorable atmosphere. A theme wedding revolves around a specific concept, idea, or era, and all aspects of the wedding, including the decor, attire, invitations, and even the food, are tailored to reflect that theme. Here are some popular theme wedding ideas:

  1. Vintage/Retro: A vintage-themed wedding takes inspiration from a particular era, such as the 1920s, 1950s, or 1970s. The decor, clothing, and music are all reminiscent of that time period.

  2. Fairy Tale: A fairy tale wedding is inspired by classic stories like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, or Alice in Wonderland. It often includes whimsical decor, a grand ballroom atmosphere, and lavish costumes.

  3. Beach/Tropical: Perfect for couples who love the sun, sand, and sea, a beach or tropical-themed wedding creates a relaxed and casual ambiance. Decorations may include seashells, starfish, and tropical flowers.

  4. Medieval/Renaissance: Ideal for history enthusiasts, a medieval or Renaissance-themed wedding captures the charm of a bygone era. Guests may dress in period costumes, and the venue can be adorned with banners, chandeliers, and candlelight.

  5. Rustic/Country: A rustic or country-themed wedding celebrates the charm of the countryside. Decorations often feature hay bales, wildflowers, mason jars, and burlap accents.

  6. Travel/Adventure: If you’re avid travelers, a travel-themed wedding can showcase your love for exploration. Tables can be named after your favorite destinations, and decorations might include vintage suitcases, maps, and globes.

  7. Starry Night: For a romantic and celestial ambiance, a starry night-themed wedding incorporates elements like twinkling lights, constellation-inspired decor, and a color palette of deep blues and silvers.

  8. Hollywood/Glamour: Channel the glitz and glamor of the silver screen with a Hollywood-themed wedding. Red carpets, movie-inspired decor, and vintage Hollywood-style attire can set the stage for a glamorous affair.

Remember that with a theme wedding, attention to detail is crucial. From the invitations to the wedding favors, strive to create a cohesive and immersive experience for your guests. Consult with a wedding planner or do some research to ensure your chosen theme is executed flawlessly.

Theme Wedding Planners

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    Your wedding photos will capture memories that last a lifetime with our recommended photographers specialize in wedding photography.

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    Makeup Artist

    Looking and feeling your best on your wedding day is essential. Our recommended hair and makeup artists have have skills and experience.

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    Wedding Officiant

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    The right floral arrangements can transform a wedding venue into a stunning and romantic setting that match your wedding theme and color palette.



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    DJ or Band

    A good DJ or band can set the tone for your wedding reception and keep your guests dancing all night long with a vast selection of music.

    Theme Wedding Planners

    Our Theme Wedding Planners in Abu Dhabi services are

    For your fantasy weddings everything ought to be uncommon and one can’t undermine the significance of a decent wedding setting for an ideal wedding so Jovial Events has solutions for this by giving services like theme wedding decorations in Abu Dhabi which makes Jovial Events Novel. Just a lady of the hour and husband to be are not adequate but rather all the little and huge things ought to be given due thought. Furthermore, an ideal scene for wedding is one such thing. The couples think a great deal before finishing area for weddings as it is the one thing which makes your wedding festivities a life-changing background.

    Everyone needs his or her wedding to be an ideal and extraordinary occasion from others’ weddings. Different wedding organizers settle on different wedding subjects. These wedding subjects are for the most part the dream based, sentimental, regal or fantasy topics. Presently a-days individuals are evaluating unmistakable topics for their relational unions. These wedding topics have a wide assortment going from the conventional to ultra-current. In any Indian wedding subject, the extras are picked in all respects unequivocally. Indians like brilliant hues like red, orange, brilliant, maroon and violet. Henceforth the wedding subjects likewise comprise of these hues.

    Theme Wedding Planners

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