Destination Weddings

Tender, cozy and filled with romance encircling loving souls toasting for a splendid life ahead forgetting the jetlags along with the music of air of the past endured, this could overpass any so called wedding plans. Yes join hands with us as we could let that dream of yours flower to perfection.

Why should you choose a wedding destination of your choice in UAE?

Destination of your choice adds up a vibe of charm and warmth in hearts owing to the chosen atmosphere which provides a mood your heart desires. And even if you are pretty much blank about which destinations should match your dreams we could suggest one matching the hues of your heart.

If you are planning for your hometown weddings and you are forced to invite guests out of obligation your best advice from us would be a destination wedding. Planning a destination wedding could be reasonable excuse for every one of them and formal invitation of your dear ones could open towards you a new phase of emotional attachment.

Fortunately destination weddings in Dubai are much more economical when compared to other countries as of the low flight charges, abundant flights and low hospitality charges due to competition among competitors. Thus you don’t need to bunk up your whole life savings account just for a dream you cherished for.

Truly mesmerizing photo ops in your dream wedding destination with warm souls around you could adds up much more jollity to the event. UAE is gifted with exquisite locations from which you could choose from.

With well backed Arabian vibe and major area in the whole world and being the centre of culture and history, a whole lot of exciting locations do back up at every turns in UAE.

As UAE is in the heart of Arabia, being easily navigable and compact, thus easy for any guest of yours to travel even at the middle of the night with affordable and reasonable charges.

The variety UAE delivers is unmatchable as it’s the business capital of the world inhabited with people from all around the world. This would provide varied choices not just in the cuisines but culture, aesthetics and companionship.

As it could be termed as the centre of the world UAE do accommodates wide variety of entertainments from talents like musicians, chefs, dancers and any professionals to work for your dream day.

If you are not much a fan of traditional weddings too UAE could be a perfect location of leisure and far more of a casual feel which we could provide you taking advantages over exciting places in Dubai.

A chance for infusing both cultural and western aesthetics in to the event couples could give themselves and their guests a mesmerizing experience hard to forget thus inaugurate the start of a honeymoon from the very moment the couple join their palms and their souls in to one.

As neither the family members of the groom nor the bride have added advantage to be in home spirit or a upper hand, members of both sides would be able to share the same excitement as if the couple and the guests.

If you are planning big then why settle to few hours we could arrange you a whole vacation wedding package to cherish with your guests bonding family relations and love among them.

Why choose Jovial Events if you are planning a destination wedding of your dreams

Renowned for splendid and exquisite organizational capability and experience all around the world reaping best positive customer feedbacks our specialist professionals do take keen interest in only boosting our standards from time to time.

Concrete knowledge for destination weddings not only in UAE and much local support.

If in UAE Jovial could provide you every hands to back up in any destination you prefer


Most apt for couples who desire luxury in modernity with sky top buildings touching the moon and dangling bulbs among the clouds. A prolonged wedding booking are a normal sight, so it would be better to initiate wedding bookings prior 10 months if don’t want to compromise on your dreams.

Ras Al Khaimah

If you couples are in for a royal historic destinations then never cross your mind over Ras Al Khaimah as its loaded with exquisite palaces of a long forgotten era apt for any couple for package of a wedding and a quick getaway .And for a bright daylight you could choose the most erotic island you and your guests could witness.

Abu Dhabi

Beaches and weddings are always quite a sight to watch. The mighty sea sending his love towards the poised beauty of femininity expressing her love with grains of sand, churned over time over the strands of their immortal love. What would be a perfect wedding destination rather than the blessings of immortal love created by Almighty himself? Among the most trendiest beaches of Yas Island, beaches like Saadiyat  public beach,

Al Bateen beach, Nurai Island , beach Rotana, Mirfa beach, Heritage village beach and so on could be a perfect venue to hoist your dreams.