Does this question ‘how much wedding planners cost in Dubai? ’ pops in to your head while planning a wedding in Dubai?

Yes you have reached to the correct destination if you are in for a search of a budget wised wedding in Dubai as per your taste. Hailed as top wedding planner in Dubai, UAE we do realize our every customer the exceptional effort from our side irrespective of their wedding budget.


As venues could be counted as major thrash on to your budget, both residents and non residents of Dubai are shifting to castles of Ras Al Khaimah and beaches of Abhu dhabi. But if you dream of a wedding among the stars in skyscrapers enjoying privacy and royalty within your budget you could join us to reshape your dream wedding right in the heart of Dubai.


18 Cuisines from the hands of our well renowned culinary department including beverages could be cut down as per your budget maintaining the urge to quench your guest’s cravings.

Photography and video

Our photography department does maintain a good standard even if we could portray your wedding video in a minimalistic manner matching your budget.

Wedding decors

Decorating your wedding venues, khoshas, guest seating’s do demand an essential part in making your dream wedding. Our wedding designers could maintain your domain of respect among your guests no matter how much your budget is.

Makeup artists

Our makeup artists do keep fresh trendiness and customer satisfaction including the bride, bridesmaids, mother and groom.

Music system and music department

We are equipped with top standard sound systems and our artists do have the reputation to raise the vibe among any tough crowd and we could adjust to your budget and minimize without hurting the good vibe the music and artists could provide.