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How I Successfully Organized My Very Own Wedding Planner In Dubai

Jun 19 2019

Every individual dreams of making his / her wedding an event about which the world is talking, but unfortunately not many have the privilege of making their dreams a reality. But turning a dream wedding into a real-life fairytale-like event was not hard for me and my partner. In addition to the different expectations of one’s own wedding, the one thing that tops the list of priorities for each bride and groom is to create the day an incredibly unique, memorable and yet chic affair. We did not leave any unturned stone to make their special day and make it an extraordinary one. The wedding theme we chose was romantic classic and used a bunch of whites, off-whites and peaches, keeping in mind the decisions made by the couple. They also used crystal clouds and flowers to create the place look amazing. The event that was attended by about 500 visitors had an Indian band playing all night long. But the event’s highlight was the bride and groom’s entry. In reality, even the guests who attended the marriage received the comprehensive care from our marriage coordinators. They provided guest with equipment to enjoy spa, gymnastics, photo sessions etc. The primary concept was to create a unique and auspicious event for everyone. The wedding coordinators we hired made a creative food and beverage thoughts as they coordinated many good activities around Dubai and collected a lot of knowledge as well. This enabled them deliver great products from customized catering services, including food and beverage. So in brief, a wedding planning will not only put down some glorious memories in the couple’s minds, but also on the guests attending that wedding in such a place of beauty.

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