Yeah do you want to be old timer stuck behind in watches whose inability and recklessness to get an outside professional work and end up using up all your money and time creating a complete havoc  of your professional domain? If still you are clanged to the answer ‘yes’ then go through some of the reasons you need a top wedding planner like Jovial events when you are planning a wedding in UAE.

It’s better to be with the choice of choosing a wedding planner if

  1. You both are way behind your schedule and planning
  2. You are planning on a destination wedding
  3. You don’t want to encounter you and your elder’s meltdown scenario during your wedding.
  4. Contrasting internal concept conflicts among couples and their parents about the arrangements of the wedding.
  5. You don’t have exceptional bargaining skills.
  6. You don’t have any formal contact with dealers and vendors related to wedding goods and services.
  7. You wish to elope as soon you complete the formal functions of the wedding avoiding all stress and share happiness among your loved ones.
  8. You have no vision and plans for your wedding.
  9. You don’t have any previous contacts in UAE.
  10. So let’s get our seats firmed up and discuss to plan and coordinate your wedding right from your engagement to honeymoon.

An introductory session with us will be a boon for you

The initial session among the planner and the client will set a firm ground as what are the client aspirations from the planner and what the planner could do at his best. The clients may be a couple or families either of groom or bride. First meetings with you, will be explanation our wedding packages available and a brief discussion of what kind of a wedding you prefer. Usually, a wedding planner is hired for either full Service or a day-of Coordination, and it’s critical that the planner should explain to the client what is included in each of their packages. Thus we jovial events do keep a relation with the client so transparent so that they could trust us to perfect it even in the case of rise of any problems. Planning includes managing budget, vendors, venues and every minutest detail that comprises of a wedding. As a wedding planner we could offer reasonable services – theme, venue, budge and vendors and a contract is to be designed discussing the budget, services and deposit to be insured.

Planning and coordination session

Every bride does have a dream of their wedding day since they were toddlers, and it’s quite usual extend a sign of refusal when anyone else tries to plan for their wedding other than themselves!  But these brides also wish to be their wholesome heart on their wedding day, without stressing over each detail following their plan for each individual phase of their wedding to perfection. During this session we could completely know every hue your heart desires about your wedding a Jovial events the the top wedding planner in UAE works for customer satisfaction.

Pre-Wedding session

This session includes pre-wedding suggestions from the client side and thus clarifying the doubts.