“Among His signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves, in order to have tranquility with them and He put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are signs for those who reflect.” Quran Ar-Rum [30:21].Every person dreams of a perfect partner to couple their hearts forever but everyone seem to fail to search in themselves the signs Allah left. But as dotted lines are fated to meet, souls destined to mingle don’t find it hard to meet themselves. We take great pride in taking part in the finale of joining two souls as if painted by Allah’s bristles. Fully comprehending the cultural pillars of Arabic wedding we can help you plan to fulfill your dreams to perfect precision and following our tradition of fetching highest customer satisfaction. All you need is have a sit back and enjoy the wedding to the maximum, with the knowledge of a Mozart perfecting the melody of each notes of your wedding. A menu with an amuse to dazzle the crowd each taking the role in wedding as guests investing their gaze in the decors from our designers and cuisines from our culinary hands turning in to perfection. Our designers and culinary department do crave to be visually impactful and highly poetic in conveying a feel with an international experience custom made just for you.

Let us design your traditional Arabic wedding

We understand your urge to perfect your dream day among your loved ones where only you and your soul partner’s face and emotions matter to be the most in each pages of your story to be unfolded.


More than a requesting of hand in marriage it’s lending a request towards the father with an open platter of groom’s heart with the vow to protect her till his last breath while being encircled with family members from both sides.

Exchange of rings followed with an enthralling feast for the family members.

A feast worth remembering offered by the men of the groom side extended towards the men of the bride side.

Among the tunes of Arabic melodic tunes where brides loved ones enjoy their bachelorette moments with foods and drinks while applying mehndi among their skins. As a tradition groom gifts mahr gold as a token of love and in happiness apply couple mehndis together followed with a gala of celebration and happiness.

As night settles to calmness groom invites men for a party enjoys to their maximum.
Wedding reception and party
Followed by a zaffa announcing the wedding of the couples a grant feast is followed.
How jovial events can make your Arabic traditional wedding a dream come true?

Being enriched with top professionals in our team we could assist you in finding best dates and venues as per your tastes and budget.

A respectable traditional yet royal custom made wedding invitation from our designers could be a great way to welcome guests revealing warmth heart towards them.

Let your expectations be high when we are on your team. Finding your wedding venue and decorating it with the hues of your dream would be our pledged task as per your demand.

Wedding decors could be a great way to heighten up the vibes among guests.
Our culinary department is always in ways of finding ways heights in keeping flavors and cuisines of 18 countries to be exquisite enriching tastes among guests mouth.