Symbolisms of a holy matrimony  The sacrament of a matrimonial union finding deeper hopes and values within rites of marriage kinds and rites is quite holy but nothing else. We jovial events, the best traditional wedding planners in UAE do enlighten in moving two hearts to fusion thus reaping holiness in our work. We do understand your wishes to be much strict in following your traditional values and safeguarding your interests.
  • Giving consent blessing and exchanging of rings intentions traditions matters and forms symbols rings – marriage agreement for eternity.
  • Candle or pyre – God’s presence within the union
  • Veil – entwining of couple hearts clothed as one
  • Cord – infinite bond of marriage
  • Quran, Bible or any religious manuscript – God’s word is part of the union The couples are the ones who administers the wedding and the priest guiding two souls to be from their special day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death.
  • A befriendment from more than a single man and woman form a family to watchdog the unity so as to avoid the flaws in sanctity like a forced-one or both parties is married without his/her consent or against his/her will.
  • Couples themselves to become a single entity of pure godliness implying a lifelong process which begins only during the wedding day. “Unified body and realms”- unity of two persons in all their basic human level- physical, psychological, or spiritual.
And we Jovial wedding find honor in painting hues of your dream traditional wedding at its maximum perfection with the blessings of your loved ones.