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Mcdonalds birthday packages Dubai

How about planning a birthday of your loved one or yours in Mcdonalds theme and among Mcdonalds treats with the best birthday planner in Dubai, Jovial events. The Jovial event’s Mcdonalds birthday party packages Dubai will be an eye-opener as it could be affordable and grant. You can select your venue anywhere at your interest and we can make your day special to remember. For your birthday party package, our team of birthday party professionals will take care of not only the planning, décor and games so you can kick back, relax and revel in fun. Early inquiry from us will help us book your Mcdonald party as grand as possible.

 Before going to the details about your birthday party, let us first share with you how jovial events could transform your Mcdonalds birthday party celebration experience. Working together with the Mcdonald’s team, we usually coordinate with a surprise party for the kids and elder one’s. Our brand new Mcdonald’s celebration campaign  promote celebrations of not just big events such as birthdays but also small every day happenings such as a great play day because it can easily be executed successfully in grand manner!  

After a long day of play, the kids will get surprised to see boxes of food, balloons, party mats and loot bags from Mcdonald’s in our well set dining room from our professional decorators! They didn’t expect just to have a party just for the wonderful birthday the special one had. But for Mcdonald’s, even the smallest birthday parties such as a great play day is worth celebrating! The new Mcdonald’s party package makes even the littlest of moments that can mean big to our planners to coordinate through easy bookings and affordable rates.  So if you’re dreaming to throw a McDonalds birthday party, too, we are happy to share that it’s so hassle-free.

Whether you wish to a party to celebrate your child’s or dear one’s birthday or any other event that means big to you, you can easily initiate a Mcdonalds party in any location or in the comforts of your home or office we jovial events can perfect it for you. For your small birthday parties, simply contact jovial events for booking.

Some facts about jovial event’s Mcdonalds birthday packages are the following:

  • A minimum number of guests won’t be a problem to book a Jovial events McDonalds Birthday Party packages Dubai. The maximum number of guests depends on the space capacity of the venue client chooses.


  • Clients can choose entertainment characters from Grimace, Hamburglar and Birdie, depending up on their interests and budgets. Unfortunately, Ronald McDonald cant be requested for birthday party appearances.


  • Client’s can choose their Birthday Party Theme, Birthday Party Favors for Goodie Bags , and a Gift for the Birthday Child!

Lastly, check out and pay for the hints in every birthday packages you availed plus the party fee which includes the following:

  • Party Room
  • Full Hosting
  • Party amenities
  • Games and prizes
  • Gifts for the celebrants
  • Artist appearance of Grimace, Hamburglar or Birdie




best birthday planners in Sharjah

Jovial Events a full swing party planner who organizes parties in Sharjah and since we started working we are hailed as best birthday planners in Sharjah. We’ve worked with customers and events of all sizes including city festivities and occasions, not-for-profit associations, elite athletics groups, school fairs and pledge drives, church occasions and numerous other exceptional occasions around Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman. Jovial events, the best birthday planners in Dubai have arranged and composed numerous birthday party events and thus can enable you to design yours or your loved ones birthday event. Numerous clients trust us planning their birthday event is as basic as arranging a patio birthday party yet there is significantly more that goes into arranging an exceptional birthday event like the best sort of rides and recreations for your necessities, age gatherings, participation, raising support thoughts, spending plan and scene determination. We make certain to check our event page with accommodating data on themed parties and famous classifications like jamborees, western or eastern entertainment, culinary service, catering and that’s the only tip of the iceberg.

Jovial event planners have diverted endless events from exhausting and not gainful to stunning and productive events. We are exceptionally gifted in family neighborly occasions including themes and interactions for all ages and would love to opportunity to work on your desired birthday occasion. Event planners love working with us since they realize we generally convey clean quality items and offer the perfect program as per your interests. Overlooking even the littlest detail of your event we can make your visitors feel that the event was not completely arranged out and they will hope to perceive what else may have been neglected. Jovial events thus can assist you with each and every detail down to waste jars and drink benefit. Spare time, cash and frustration by calling the master event organizers Jovial events and remove the worry from your birthday event. We can be as included as you require by proposing the correct things via telephone to full event planning, occasion the executives amid the occasion and security previously, amid and after your event.

Whether it be for babies, children, teenagers or grown-ups Jovial events can customize yours or your loved ones birthday party as per your hues. We could incorporate all your chosen elements such as decoration, catering, entertainment, invites and so much more. Choose Jovial events fantastic birthday packages   and we make coordinate it in perfection.


birthday parties this hall Dubai

Jovial Events hereby gives you point by point data of Dubai settings for events like birthdays. Finding a venue for your occasion can be a major issue and we Jovial events can comprehend it, more than anyone. Every one of our exceptionally curated party halls in Dubai has points of interest like costs, nourishment bundles, photographs, seating capacity, parking spot, luxuries provided. These are the following birthday party halls Jovial events the top birthday planner in Dubai suggets.

  • The lost chambers in Atlantis the palm

Suitable for both private and grand birthday parties Atlantis the Palm do boasts of spectacular Dubai sky marine view would be blessed with both open air and luxurious interiors. Best suited for luxurious birthday parties facilities like indoor catering.  Enough spacious to hold a birthday party of 75 guests of open and clustered venue configurations Jovial events do suggest this venue to our numerous clients.

  • Al Diwan At Coral Dubai Deira Hotel

Multipurpose banquet halls with a guest capacity of 160 available in Al Diwan for each client’s pre-requisite birthday parties this hall is a part of Dubai Deira hotel. Theatre, U-shape and reception layouts spaces which can be utilised for each client requirements for each of their birthday parties. Best suitable for birthday parties with facilities air-conditioning, beverages, dedicated parking and indoor catering this venue also comprises of full A/V, Built in screens and overhead projectors.

  • Al Gazelle At Crowne Plaza Dubai

A venue hall blessed with sun-lighting and refreshing vibes this one is suitable for private parties. As a favourite and preferred venue in the locality the banquet hall well suited for a birthday party with air-conditioning, dedicated parking and indoor catering services. Feature like built in screens, overheads projectors are also complementing this venue.

  • Al Majles At Coral Dubai Deira Hotel

With two banquet halls and catering for up to 160 people, Al majiles flexible function spaces are ideal for social events like birthday events. This multipurpose banquet hall has facilities like air conditioning, dedicated parking, wifi/internet with indoor catering. Features like A/V, built in screens, overhead projectors and whiteboards are also coordinated to this hall.

  • Alpha at abidos hotels

Alpha hall at abidos hotel is a young and friendly party hall that offers a fresh perspective in the regional hospitality industry with a distinctive approach to excellence. A modern and trendy hotel as well as multipurpose banquet hall designed to provide guests an experience that is all about urban living. Suitable for birthday parties these birthday parties with features including full A/V , built in screens, overhead projectors, and whiteboards.

  • Banquet hall at food lands restaurant

Perfect for birthday parties and functions, this hall has a maximum seating capacity of 150 guests banquet style. Well suited food and décor planning to make an occasion a memorable one. Audio and video equipment are also available on request by the clients. This hall do comprises of multipurpose banquet halls and private party sections with facilities like air-conditioning, dedicated parking and indoor catering.


birthday celebration in Dubai

Symbolisms of a holy matrimony  The sacrament of a matrimonial union finding deeper hopes and values within rites of marriage kinds and rites is quite holy but nothing else. We jovial events, the best traditional wedding planners in UAE do enlighten in moving two hearts to fusion thus reaping holiness in our work. We do understand your wishes to be much strict in following your traditional values and safeguarding your interests.
  • Giving consent blessing and exchanging of rings intentions traditions matters and forms symbols rings – marriage agreement for eternity.
  • Candle or pyre – God’s presence within the union
  • Veil – entwining of couple hearts clothed as one
  • Cord – infinite bond of marriage
  • Quran, Bible or any religious manuscript – God’s word is part of the union The couples are the ones who administers the wedding and the priest guiding two souls to be from their special day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death.
  • A befriendment from more than a single man and woman form a family to watchdog the unity so as to avoid the flaws in sanctity like a forced-one or both parties is married without his/her consent or against his/her will.
  • Couples themselves to become a single entity of pure godliness implying a lifelong process which begins only during the wedding day. “Unified body and realms”- unity of two persons in all their basic human level- physical, psychological, or spiritual.
And we Jovial wedding find honor in painting hues of your dream traditional wedding at its maximum perfection with the blessings of your loved ones.

Best birthday party planner Dubai

We Jovial the best birthday party planners in Dubai, UAE combines all good vibes to dazzling complex design, persuading superb section, and gathering fulfilling beguilement. Imperative events like these don’t just happen; they’re painstakingly made by professionals. In Dubai especially, it takes a watching eye for the best capacity and imaginative style to pull off the perfect celebration. The Jovial events ideal birthday concept is that “a social occasion ought to be astounding. Not by any means in a ‘noteworthy’ way; it might be straightforward. Each social event has its very own imperativeness, and each event is a story that we endeavor to tell or let spread out. The get-togethers we do are absolutely about the client’s vision and the event itself, each with its own one of a kind heart, mind, and individual flavor. Clearly, that infers, they can never be reproduced. We assume that as an issue of first significance parties are about “FUN.” When clients are centered around, she reminds them, “It’s all awesome. It’s a PARTY!” Our Luxury party organizing gives a full extent of options – Theme, Design, Candy and Sweet Feature Tables, Designer Cakes, Catering and Party Decoration. As one of London’s driving Children’s Party Planners, we give you your own one of a kind get-together planner and access to an inventive framework gathering. We jovial weddings do concentrate on the following when planning a birthday party-

Birthday party theme

Settling on to the best birthday theme is the most important key task with the core hues of our client. Each birthday has its own special noteworthiness and everyone has their own one of kind dreams to live, so plan subject birthday coordination and let the gift from paradise. Our birthday party coordinators assist you with the best and most creative subjects, among which you can pick your favored best in light and requirements. Most mainstream birthday party subjects are fairytale, stylish, rock, vintage and whatnot. You can pick the freshest ideas and compliment your birthday extraordinarily then in like manner our authorities will be at your help.

Party venue:

We have great relationship with settings in Dubai or over UAE. If you need a social affair in a Royal setting, a 5 star holding up in UAE or an unmistakable canvas dispersion focus, we know the perfect scene for you. In what capacity may you need to have your social gathering in an infamous Dubai scene for instance? If Dubai is at the bleeding edge of your considerations, have you considered a private house in the beach? We appreciate an interesting social affair setting brief, so put us under an amplifying glass! Tap the catch underneath for more information on birthday party scenes in Dubai, or call us to look at your overall setting need.


The ignored points of interest are the principle issue and our professional designers will ensure your social affair has all the little inconspicuous components managed. From superb drapery to tiniest design changing your scene into a stunning space of perfect birthday party setting we have skill in changing settings with absolutely bespoke elaborate topic, for instance, drapery, star textures and pipe and wrap. We’ll source the best materials and props to change any condition and add a touch of peculiarity to your event.


Our specific summary of world-class party entertainers is second to none. We search always for exceptional and new entertainment acts that will breathe life into our each event! From winding acts regarding your guests at your social affair access to our best musicians ,DJs guaranteed to get your guests moving and from live entertainers to bespoke ice figures and immersive acts, we can breathe life into your get-together with music, choreography from talented craftsmen to immersive on-screen characters, there is a great deal of choice.


Our culinary department includes world class with impeccable professionalism and could find excellence without finding a glitch of error. The department could produce any cuisine with world class standard and could nourish every cravings of your guests and yourself.a
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