How about planning a birthday of your loved one or yours in Mcdonalds theme and among Mcdonalds treats with the best birthday planner in Dubai, Jovial events. The Jovial event’s Mcdonalds birthday party packages Dubai will be an eye-opener as it could be affordable and grant. You can select your venue anywhere at your interest and we can make your day special to remember. For your birthday party package, our team of birthday party professionals will take care of not only the planning, décor and games so you can kick back, relax and revel in fun. Early inquiry from us will help us book your Mcdonald party as grand as possible.

 Before going to the details about your birthday party, let us first share with you how jovial events could transform your Mcdonalds birthday party celebration experience. Working together with the Mcdonald’s team, we usually coordinate with a surprise party for the kids and elder one’s. Our brand new Mcdonald’s celebration campaign  promote celebrations of not just big events such as birthdays but also small every day happenings such as a great play day because it can easily be executed successfully in grand manner!  

After a long day of play, the kids will get surprised to see boxes of food, balloons, party mats and loot bags from Mcdonald’s in our well set dining room from our professional decorators! They didn’t expect just to have a party just for the wonderful birthday the special one had. But for Mcdonald’s, even the smallest birthday parties such as a great play day is worth celebrating! The new Mcdonald’s party package makes even the littlest of moments that can mean big to our planners to coordinate through easy bookings and affordable rates.  So if you’re dreaming to throw a McDonalds birthday party, too, we are happy to share that it’s so hassle-free.

Whether you wish to a party to celebrate your child’s or dear one’s birthday or any other event that means big to you, you can easily initiate a Mcdonalds party in any location or in the comforts of your home or office we jovial events can perfect it for you. For your small birthday parties, simply contact jovial events for booking.

Some facts about jovial event’s Mcdonalds birthday packages are the following:

  • A minimum number of guests won’t be a problem to book a Jovial events McDonalds Birthday Party packages Dubai. The maximum number of guests depends on the space capacity of the venue client chooses.


  • Clients can choose entertainment characters from Grimace, Hamburglar and Birdie, depending up on their interests and budgets. Unfortunately, Ronald McDonald cant be requested for birthday party appearances.


  • Client’s can choose their Birthday Party Theme, Birthday Party Favors for Goodie Bags , and a Gift for the Birthday Child!

Lastly, check out and pay for the hints in every birthday packages you availed plus the party fee which includes the following:

  • Party Room
  • Full Hosting
  • Party amenities
  • Games and prizes
  • Gifts for the celebrants
  • Artist appearance of Grimace, Hamburglar or Birdie